Thursday, March 07, 2013

Television Debut - HHI

Last night was THE event spiraling around some excitement in an otherwise not so adventurous segment of my life. The House Hunters International episode featuring our apartment was aired in the US.

Only three people of the 782 that I personally informed about the show have reported back to me.

This was from my friend Mike in FL. (Mike was a significant help in our buying a property in Pompano, FL, yet we have never met).
     No, the apartment came off very well. It was the lowest priced of the three they spotlighted.
One was in a modern building, @ 600USD, and the Hoversens wanted something with more charm.
     The other was in a grand building right on the Danube, but the rent there was 750USD, plus maintenance fees.  The place was beautiful, but out of their price range if the wanted to do any traveling.
     Your unit came off very well. At the end they showed how they moved the couch and chairs to the area near the heater, and put the dining table further towards the window.
     It was weird watching the episode.  Even though you and I have never personally met, I kept saying to myself, 'Hey, I know the guys that own that place', and it's on TV.
     The city also came off very well.  I don't know the names of the various buildings, but they were really magnificent.

My good friend Kim gave a brief report from OR.
     Hi there, I watched House Hunters last night and saw your apartment.  Only $475 US!!!  Maybe I should be retiring there!!  And I thought it looked great on TV.  Did you watch the episode?? 

And last of all, our friend Jennifer from CT - she was a Fulbright teacher here in 2001-2002 and this is how we met her. She has been back here multiple times since then.
     So, that was interesting...
First off, the city looks so beautiful!  Of course they hit all the high points to make it look amazing (which of course it is, but there are places that wouldn't look so great on TV!).
     When they went into the first apartment, I was thinking it was yours based on the pictures I've seen, but they weren't especially complimentary about it.  They weren't crazy about the furniture, the heater, and the view of the wall outside.  They seem like nice enough people, but... I took the comments about the furniture quite personally as I consider you to have good taste! - and I thought the furniture was more than adequate and practical! 
     But, they liked the price, of course.  The second apartment was extremely modern, and I couldn't quite figure out where the building was.  They didn't like how modern it was.  The third was in a great location on the river, but of course more expensive. 
     Naturally, they went with the more traditional place that was more of a bargain.  Of course, when they flash-forwarded three months, they were talking about how much they loved the apartment and how it felt like home.  It showed them cooking - they emphasized how much they liked the big kitchen.  They talked about how the good price had allowed them to save enough to travel, etc.  They showed them running over Margaret Bridge by the Danube, walking on Margaret Island, etc. 
     So, as I said, very interesting!  It did make me quite homesick for the city :(

As hard as I have tried hunting it down, it seems they have not put this episode online yet. With any luck, one of our peeps will have the techie know-how to upload it into the cloud so I can download it and watch. Anyone?

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