Friday, March 29, 2013

Say NO to Gay Marriage

As most US Americans should know, the US Supreme Court is hearing or has heard arguments on gay marriages and DOMA. For the unknowing DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act. I think it was on Tuesday or Wednesday that they heard arguments on two different cases, but since we are 6 hours ahead of Washington, DC and light years behind Spain, our news trickles in, so I am not really sure.

Regardless, I want to show you reasons below why Americans should oppose gay marriage. Write right now to the Supreme Court Justice for your state and tell them exactly how opposed you are to gay marriage and be certain to quote one of the reasons below. This will make them certain to take you seriously. Also, remind them that there is another election coming up so if they want your vote, they had better pay attention to your knowing what you are talking about. Every divorce attorney in the nation will stand proudly behind you with a business card ready for anyone with a wedding ring.

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