Friday, March 22, 2013

ELTE in the Spotlight Again

Just to do a brief follow-up to the last post, here it goes. After hundreds of additional e-mails from various faculty members, it was finally decided that a social justice type event will be held this coming Tuesday. However, the Department of Philosophy has pulled out of the planning for some unknown reason. If it was explained, it may have been in one of those pesky Hungarian messages that cram their umlauts and diacritical marks into my Inbox creating more housekeeping duties to my already full list of things to do. The speaker everyone wanted is out of the country, he is most likely avoiding this entire hullabaloo. This of course made speaker choices number 2 and 3 feel like yesterday’s leftovers, thus giving them excuses to bow out too. Additionally, they cannot get the demonstrators to cooperate by leaving room 047 where this newly formed Anti-Semitic committee of one or two persons wants to hold the presentation.

Once this is over, I must go check out room 047. Apparently, those doing the sit-in have become so attached, they are never leaving, even if by small chance their demands will be met. Their demand is a further change to the new constitution that now requires them to stay in Hungary to work for two years for every year of university education they receive. Fat chances there! This room 047 must have the appeal of Versailles when an entire university clamors to use it while ignoring the fact that thousands of rooms on multiple campuses are at their disposal. Keeping all of your eggs in one basket is insanity, even if Easter is so close.

Of the e-mails above, now about half of those who were once cheerleaders for action are now having a change of attitude, wondering aloud in their electronic transmissions if the time has passed to take action of all should let bygones be bygones. If we didn’t have a dance performance to attend on Tuesday evening, I would go just to see the turnout in spite of the Hungarian speeches. There is a certainty that the outcome will too evoke an e-mail discussion at length either with praise over the events or hate mail at the lack of something perceived as necessary. Joy to the world. You cannot please all the people all the time.

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