Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some Bunny Wants You to Follow Him

You know that book that you meant to write, but never did, but then someone else goes ahead and actually does it? Then you want to kick yourself for not doing it first, but you really, really have this urge to beat up the guy who did? Well, this is the case with an acquaintance of mine Phillip Done.

I taught 3rd and 4th grades in Philadelphia, probably when Phillip was still in high school. I had collected tons of stories about things my students said garnering inspiration from an old television show Art Linkletter's House Party. At the end of this comedy variety, he would go into the audience to interview children. Of course they had the unique take on life that children have before we de-creativitize their little minds like the desalination of salt water. I never thought in terms of using these stories for a book; my general thinking was to collect humorous things to bring laughter for when I was old and starving on Social Security benefits.

Phillip wrote the book, two actually. But here is where the reality of the publishing world starts to kick in. His agent tried shopping around book number 3, but no takers. What? he said. I am a published author. In today's market, that is not enough. You need web presence. You need a fan base. You need a following. 

With that knowledge, Phil created a blog to begin his Pied Piper reputation to bring the fold into the inner circle. He asked that I share this news. Phil is a great comedic writer, but then again he has funny little kids to draw stories from. University students are not nearly as funny. If you would like to check out his blog, it is here.

Remember, every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. Oh, wait, wrong story. Anyway, check out the blog.
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