Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sicko and Malware Both

While I am trying to recover from my illness, after an X-Ray, they ruled out anything more serious than bronchitis. On the path to that discovery, my doctor decided he is bound and determined to check me for diabetes yet again. His suspicions were raised by the fact that I have had night-sweats. They have been so bad, Ron has awakened thinking he missed out on flood evacuation orders. Add to the mix that I have created a new world's record for nighttime trips to the bathroom. One night I checked my clock. Every fifteen minutes from 11:00 pm to 6:30 am, I was wandering the halls. It felt like I was attached for a fire hydrant; there did not seem to be an end in sight. If I had drank gallons of fluid beforehand I could understand it, but I quit drinking by 7pm.

So while this is going on, our website BudaBaB.com gets attached with some malware by a hacker. My first awareness was when I went to give someone directions from the site and saw the horrendous warning. Panic hit! I did not know what to do. After Googling, I found the Webmaster Tools, but could not get the code into the site like they needed. Finally, I asked my host company to check it out. Tom Koch at TRK Hosting gives the best customer service I could ever imagine. He cleaned out the site and sent me a report of what he found. I offered to pay him, but he refused. Now I have to wait for Google to trawl through again. The site is fine in Chrome and Internet Explorer, but not Firefox and from what I understand, not Safari either. This will be a test of time and patience.
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