Saturday, November 17, 2012

Out Sick

This should have been posted over a week ago, but heck I was too sick to bother. It is so usual with me, it is almost boring to discuss, but here it is anyway. I have the worlds worst sinuses. The doctors in California did not want to bother with me, since my HMO would refuse anything they wanted to try anyway.

The doctor here sent me to an ENT who sent me to have an MRI done. That has been over a year ago. The verdict was as expected. Hey, you got lousy sinuses and they are going to be chronically infected, so get used to it.

It all starts out the same way. One day I wake up to feel like there is tapioca dripping down the sides of my throat. Sometimes, this brings on a sore throat, but not always. It does produce coughing because having that tapioca consistency pouring down your throat does not make for great breathing.

This go around was not much different except, I was not able to shake like I usually do. Generally, 2-3 days of hunkering in bed sleeping it off would do the trick. At other times, it gets into my lungs, causes an infection and moves on to full stage pneumonia. This was what happened this time.

So I have been on drugs, had an X-Ray and return to the doctor on Monday. Hopefully, all will be well.
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