Wednesday, November 07, 2012

E is for Exhausted, but V is for Victory

Quite honestly, I really did not expect President Obama to win. The Republicans had billions more in their Super PACS with heavy hitters like Donald Trump tossing money into the campaign chest. All polls showed a neck and neck race, so this forced me think about the emotional impact of having a Mormon for president. It shocked me that others did not consider this since it was such an issue with John Kennedy being Catholic. 

We had registered for the American Chamber of Commerce Budapest Election Night Gala. This was to be our third since living in Hungary. There was a great deal of anxiety thinking we would be out-numbered by bullying Republicans who would be caustic as they were our first election here for Bush and Kerry. If I were still a nail biter, I would have indulged big time, chewing right up to my wrist. Even buying a pack of cigarettes fleeted through my mind. Admittedly, Obama did not do all that I had hoped his first term, but then again, I realize that due to the balance of power, the Republicans control of one house in Congress, creates a roadblock. 

The Corinthia Grand Hotel, did a superior job once again hosting the event. The decorations were lovely, the atmosphere was grand, but most of all the staff made the entire experience a delight.
Wine flowed freely, there were coupons for Jack Daniels drinks and Starbucks coffee.
Table upon table was filled with food from room to room, so no one had to venture too far to get goodies to fill up on. As we walked around from room to room, there was this display of the Oval Office. OMG, could I really envision the guy on the right sitting at the desk? Hell, NO! He had to go!Being wisely placed along side of Reagan was a smart idea to bring about a comparison.

Even some of the desserts were festive. There were two tables with cupcakes forming a US flag. They were mostly left untouched due to the wide assortment of other desserts being offered.

Though the roar of the crowd did not allow for anyone to hear the extra large screen televisions, there was nothing to watch until after midnight due to there being six hours time difference from the east coast. The event was scheduled to go until 4am, but we did not leave until 5:30. Obama was in the lead, but some of the big states were still not being called. Nevada, Florida, and Ohio were too close yet. 

We were home in minutes. I thought I would go to bed since I had to teach at 11am, but I could not stand the suspense. Glad I did! Around 6:20am CNN projected Obama as the winner, much to the chagrin of the Republican B and B guest we have with us. He got up to watch the coverage also. After I was certain of the outcome, I went to bed to get some z's before going to class.

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