Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to Our House of Must Dews

Ron booked us in a bed and breakfast run by an older gay couple. The house is advertised as ‘remodeled’, but they did not include which century. D is much friendlier than B, perhaps because he is around more. However, the house looks like an antique shop that was hit by a tornado, but had a staff of male teenagers as housekeepers using the same skills they use for their bedrooms. Every nook and cranny is filled with collectibles, but amongst all of it sits everyday items like an ironing board covered with piles of laundry, stacks of towels, and magazines. There is enough dust one would need a hammer and chisel to write one’s name or “Dust Me” in it. UNBELIEVEABLE for a bed and breakfast. On a positive note, D did give us a pot of tea when we were settled in along with a plate of cookies. The positives were soon outweighed again or at least balanced. The whole house including our room has the worst musty smell ever. Since my sense of smell is hyper-sensitive, I can detect it immediately. Ron is oblivious.
Ron was under the impression this B and B was located downtown. It is if you take the twenty minute bus ride into consideration. We will worry about that tomorrow. After a three hour nap and showers, we ventured down the street for dinner. Not finding too much variety, we settled for a Middle Eastern restaurant that also served pizzas. At NZ$22 each, they were dear pizzas, but really with the stress of the luggage, and musty central, it was good to get out, use our leg muscles, walk, and take in as much non-allergenic air as possible before returning for the evening.

By the time we returned, it was 9:30 pm local time and we were ready for bed, but not before meeting their three Irish Water Spaniels: grandmother, mother, and daughter. They bred and showed them. The “girls” live here with Jack, a random mouthy little dog that we have barely glimpsed. From the quick shot, I would say he is a long haired dachshund. Our luggage has not arrived and there has been no word about it. The heck with it; I am too tired to worr...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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