Wednesday, December 01, 2010

No Swarm to Pad Apple Distributors

It has been reported that the Apple iPads have finally found their way to Hungary. It seems they would have been here soon, had they been equipped with GPS, because being man-made, they refused to stop to ask for directions.

They did also point out that the iPad would have been shipped earlier, but they had immense difficulties in teaching them Hungarian. Yes, these are in Hungarian, so there will be no swarm of British, North American or other English speaking ex-pats running for the Apple orchard. Then again, the Irish ex-pats may want one to check their finances. The numbers look far greater in forints than in Euros.

Licensed Apple distributors are hoping they can find a market for this product since they are prices at 148,000 Ft ($689 or  €532) and 238,000 Ft ($1,108 to €856). 

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