Wednesday, December 01, 2010

皆のためのリンゴ Shake the Apple Tree

If you cannot read Japanese, it supposedly says "Apples for everyone". I cannot resist more Apple news. It seems in Japan, the mobile carrier Softbank has lost their will to make a profit. They are offering an iPad, the 16GB 3G+WiFi model for anyone who will sign up for a 2-year service contract commencing in 2011. The plan will cost ¥4,725 ($56) month for the basic service, but make sure you read the fine print. その他の料金が適用される可能性があります

Before you leave here to start booking a flight, it is available to Japanese residents only, so don't even think about it. Come to think of it, we will be passing through Tokyo  later this month. Hmm...

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