Sunday, December 05, 2010

Culture Shopping Christmas Combo

Christmas is in the air, but so are viruses and bacteria. Darn, we should have gotten our flu shot already. Aside from the quick digression, we did go to the annual one weekend only Christmas Craft Fair at the Museum of Applied Arts.

They charge regular museum rates to get in regardless of whether you are there to shop or view the exhibits. Whipping out my Press card garnered me free entry, saving a whopping 800 forints, but we had to pay for Ron. Sorry, no senior discount here. 

I love this museum inside and out. I tell people this is what I think being able to walk into a wedding cake would be like. We don't have people to buy for, but I did try to track down potential speakers for next year's Creativity Group. Gosh, the mind never stops working. The few I would love to have invited, do not speak English. There is no way I will fool with have interpreters. It is difficult enough trying to get the speakers. 

FYI, these photos were only taken with my phone. 

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