Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Budapest Quiz - A Chance to Win

These are all the quiz details: Those who will send the correct answers to quiz@gpsmycity.com will be awarded three city walk iPhone applications to cities of their choice.

1) Budapest is famous in Europe for its bath culture that dates all the way back to the Romans. This is unsurprising given that the city has ... thermal springs.
a) 20

2) How many cities were part of Budapest until 1873?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4

3) Budapest is an important religious center for one of the three main monotheistic religions. It houses the second largest ... in the world.
a) church
b) mosque
c) synagogue

4) Due to its beautiful architecture and lovely views over the Danube Budapest is also known as:
a) The Pearl of the Danube
b) Little Paris
c) The City of Lights

5) Gellért Hill is the largest hill in Budapest offering a stunning panoramic view of the city and housing such famous sites as the Wax Museum, the Liberty Statue and the Cave Church. What have scientists recently found under the hill?
a) the largest cave system in the world
b) the largest underground lake of Europe
c) a tunnel connecting Budapest to Prague built during the Hapsburg rule

6) One of Budapest's urban legends says that if one touches the Statue of Anonymous he will:
a) die alone
b) become a better man
c) be a better writer

7) Sir Biro László József was born in Budapest in 1899. He is famous for inventing the:
a) toothbrush
b) the bra
c) the ballpoint pen

8.The Magyar language is distantly related to Finnish, Estonian and some other minor Baltic languages. Do you know the family of languages that Magyar is part of?
a) Indo-European
b) Ugric
c) Arawakan

9) Who were the first to built a settlement in 1AD on the land where modern Budpaest stands?
a) the Celts
b) the Huns
c) the Goths

10)How many districts does the city have?
a) 4
b) 10
c) 23 

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