Thursday, July 17, 2008

Travel Tip: It Is a Terrific Time to Teach Abroad

This article came through the online newsletter Edutopia supported by the George Lucas Foundation. I have added it here to the blog, because I get innumerable requests for information about teaching abroad. This is an excellent resource article and the newsletter, though free, is chock full of good articles. "Edutopia" Travel Tip: It Is a Terrific Time to Teach Abroad: July 11, 2008 This is a guest posting from my friend and colleague David Carpenter, who is working abroad as an instructional technologist in Asia. Read his other posts, 'An Instructional Technologist Muses on Lessons Learned: The Peaks and Pitfalls of Discovery Learning [1]' and 'Building Blocks for Technology Integration: A Strategy for Success [2].' Chris mentioned that it might be helpful to bring an international perspective to whatever I planned to write about for this post. I teach at Hsinchu International School [3], in Taiwan, so I thought that maybe I should write about what it means to be an international educator and then move on to a technology topic. Why does someone become an international educator? My wife Margaret and I are now in our sixth country. Our boys were born in Saudi Arabia and Panama, and they are growing up in international schools with children from all over the world. We love the learning that goes with living in different cultures. The travel opportunities we can organize for school holidays take us to dynamic cities and historical locations as well as very relaxing beaches. We cannot think of a better educational experience for our children, as they have fantastic, flexible, and dedicated teachers in small-class"

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