Friday, July 11, 2008

Lights, Action, Camera

We woke up this morning to find our whole street had been invaded and taken over like a coup. We are still not sure how they pulled it off, but both sides of the street were filled. Where the cars that were parked there originally disappeared to, still remains a mystery. Every available parcel of parking space was now accommodating a film crew bus. Well, not just any bus, these were more like stretch limousine buses with FILMBUSZ on the sides. Along side of them, there were a string of white station wagons double parked along side of them in addition to the same type of cars parked on the other side of the street. There was barely room for a Trabant to pass down the street without scraping its cheap paint job off of the sides. Film crews were running around the streets, but no cameras or theatrical lights were visible. Our guess is that they were filming in the Old Man's Pub, obviously over-kill for a beer commercial, but the reality eludes us. In other news, I have been finishing up my chapter for the Frommer's "Eastern Europe" book. The template they sent has been driving me crazy. They use Word 2000, while I am using Word 2007. It seems ironic that a company that size is using such outdated programs, but perhaps it is due to the number of countries they have to deal with. The template loads, but when I go to make changes, the whole thing changes into an alphabet soup of styles. Highlighting a section and clicking on this section only, did not seem to help. Hatefully, I had to send a whining note to my editor, the fourth editor at Frommer's I have worked with. She has been great, so this will work out.

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