Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Problem With a Small B and B

One thing that I hate about running a small B and B is when guests have to cancel at the last minute or just do not show up at all. Our no show rate is remarkably good considering. I think we have had three no-show guests in the years we have been running the place. All strangely enough have come from one booking agency. It happens to be the first agency we contracted with, but their referrals have gone down considerably over the years. Perhaps people are not traveling to Budapest from Europe as much as in the past? Today, we had to guests due to arrive for an eight night stay. They called from the Amsterdam airport to say that their passports were missing when they arrived from the train they were on. Without the passports, the airline would not let them fly. The guy sounded like he was practically in tears. He had sent a few e-mails telling us how excited they were to visit and on the phone, he said they found a jar of Skippy peanut butter. Based on his e-mails, we were looking forward to meeting them. So now we have a room open for eight unexpected nights. The chances of getting a last minute person are poor, but it happens. We will see.

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