Thursday, July 17, 2008


Having been a small business owner in the past, I always appreciated when someone shone the spotlight on my work and what I had achieved. It is with great pleasure that I reciprocate for others who provide services that are far beyond those of their profession.

I have commented on the exemplary services I have received from Gabor Pal, the massage therapist with physical therapy training, in the past. If it were not for him, I may still have a crippling back problem that the medical doctor here referred me back to the US, the chiropractor only made worse, and time did not heal. Gabor's patience, training, and healing hands cured the problem over time. Little by little, the pain went away and the range of motion returned to the point where I am as fully capable now as I was prior to the problem.

With sincere gratitude, I have added a page to our website and created a "Comments" page from those who I have referred to him, who were gracious enough to send me feedback. You can view it at (or just click on the title of this post "Massage" to be redirected). His contact information is also there. He is now on the right hand side of the this blog also.

Besides being an excellent therapist, he is an old soul with a gift. If you should visit him, please do send me feedback so I can add it to the comments page.

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