Thursday, July 03, 2008

Funny Brits

I have noticed for years that Brits make statements or answer questions with questions. I was in the used English bookstore, Red Bus and overheard this interaction while looking over titles. There was another man looking at the shelves next to me when a younger man walked in who he knew. The younger man had his arm in a cast and sling. Older man: Duncan, what happened to you? Younger man: I fell off of my bike and broke my arm, didn't I? Older man: I did not know, I wasn't with you at the time now was I? Younger man: Well, it was bloody scary going over handle bar in a busy street, now wasn't it? Older man: I am not much help in emergencies, because I panic, don't I? Younger man: Well I bloody well better go, hadn't I? Older man: I don't know what your plans are for today, do I then? Younger man: The only reason I popped in was because I wanted to say hello to you when I saw you standing here, didn't I? Older man: Well that was jolly good of you, wasn't it? Younger man: Yes, it was, wasn't it? Older man: Well have a good day than, won't you? Younger man: Yes, I have some great fun scheduled with friends don't I then? And then he left, didn't he?

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