Friday, August 10, 2007

Military Tattoo Day

This has been such a relaxing vacation and I can truly call it a vacation. Right before we left, I had sent in my chapter for the Frommer's Europe by Rail book. I knew it was a few pages longer than what was wanted, but my editor said we had a few pages to play with. Well, her Word and my Word are at cross purposes. My version showed 35 pages, hers showed 39. She decided on 29, so much for the pages to play with and sent me an e-mail. Enjoy your vacation, but as soon as you get home, I need this back cut down to 29 pages. Oh, boy! In spite of this, I was able to maintain my Zen feeling much to my surprise. Normally, I would be spastic until it was done and approved of. Tonight was the Military Tattoo. We had to book our seats in December 2006 as they are sold out by December 31st. It was really spectacular. Different countries perform with music, marching, and sometimes antics, like the Russians. They were really great. Some of the guys at our hotel return yearly for this and the Fringe. For us, seeing the Tattoo once was great, but we don't need to repeat it.

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