Thursday, August 02, 2007

First Full Day in Edinburgh

Our first order of business today was to get our pre-paid tickets for the Fringe Festival. We know that many events are free the first days too, so we scored some freebies and bought others. Here is what we have seen today.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

1:00 pm Potted Potter – 5 pounds each as a 2-1 – Excellent comedy act about the first six of the Harry Potter books all in one hour. Two young men had the adults laughing harder than the children. Well worth the money, even at full price.

3:15 pm Touch – We were approached by the writer and director of this play while hanging out. He convinced us to pony up 5 pound each on a 2 for 1 deal for tickets. It was a great play about a woman who is presumably going to commit suicide and the man who saved her. The savior finds out what life is really about through the rescue. Two person play, great theater.

5:20 pm Extropia – Free tickets - I enjoyed it but Ron did not. Very Orwellian about a time in the future where there was no music. Workers are programmed. The sound effects were fantastic, but we had to leave the show before the end because we had another to go to and this one started late. They had technical difficulty.

6:40 pm God’s Pottery Saves the World – We paid 5 pounds each for this online before we left home. It sounded interesting, but it was a comedy act by two young men that was silly, a bit racist where it did not need to be and objectionable in other areas. We were not impressed.

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