Friday, August 03, 2007

Fringe Day 2

Friday- Our events today

12:15 pm Sting for Nolte – Free tickets - An aspiring Professor of Philosophy ditches everything after his finance gives him tickets to a Sting concert. She did not know he hates Sting and he becomes obsessed with getting Sting to remake all of Nick Nolte’s films. Two person play, excellent performance.

2:45 pm As The Mother of a Brown Boy – Paid 4 pounds each. Based on a true story about a mixed race young man who was bright, top of his class, but mixed with the wrong crowd, got chased by the police and died in a car accident. Dance, multimedia, song. Excellent performance.

5:00 pm Break-Out – 5 pounds each on a 2 for 1 deal – A group of Korean comedy actors’ play about prisoners breaking out of a prison and the guards who try to catch them. Excellent dancing, action, and comedy.

8:30 pm Druthers Precarious – The young girls hawking this show made it sound great. It was 2 for 1 and only four pounds each, so we decided to chance it. This was really existential and otherwise weird. We would not have paid for knowing what we know now. It is about a guy in a dusty attic with suitcases who have never gone anywhere and neither has he. Different characters use overused quotes from philosophy to show him his options. Some good body work, but other wise thumbs down.

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