Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fringe Day 3

What we saw today -

12:00pm Forgotten Voices – Free tickets – The stories of survivors of WWI. The characters were all Brits except one American. The lone female had an accent so cockney, we could not understand her. It was touching, but difficult to comprehend some of the accents.

5:25pm Sweet UFO – Free tickets- Thankfully, we did not pay for these. The premise is that this young girl has denied that her father has killed her mother and then disappeared. She believes he was abducted by aliens. Her two friends support this belief by pretending to do night watches with her and they develop a whole world for her fantasy until if all falls apart at the end.

11:00 pm Butch: A Queen’s Struggle to Become a King – One free ticket from the star of the show, but we had to buy one. It was a one man show about butching up his feminine side. Very funny and worth buying a ticket.

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