Friday, August 02, 2013

No More Dips

Our hotel tour guide booked our taxi to the airport. We knew the buses don’t even start early enough to get us there in time. It took us over an hour and a half to get from the airport. They are not reliable at all. The schedule really seems like a suggestion list.

She insisted we book the taxi for 3 hours before our flight. She said traffic is never predictable at any time of day. I negotiated for 2 ½ hours justifying it with the fact we didn’t have luggage to check, we had our boarding passes already, and we could skip Passport Control; we were still in the zone. The cost was €11 each. Taxi arrival time: 6:30am. Breakfast start-up time 7:30am. 

As we left, we wanted to kiss the pool goodbye. The taxi was ten minutes late. It made me wonder if we were being punished for the 30 minute time difference I argued over. When he showed, there were two in the van already, which was surprising as we were told we were to be alone. The drive was smooth with minimal traffic and we arrived at 7:10. We did our document check with Wizz and then on to Costa Coffee for caffeine and a muffin. 

Once through security, we found the VIP Lounge where there was a wide assortment of food and drink. We could have passed up Costa and had freebies here. 

The crew on this flight looked as if they were bored to tears. One attendant Thomas (not Tamás) never shared an expression that was not full of distain the entire flight. Well for cheap seats, you cannot expect entertainment. Service with a smile would be nice. 

Home again, home again by 1 pm. Breakfast in Malta, dinner in Hungary.
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