Monday, August 19, 2013

Can You Take a Ribbing?

I managed to arrange a dinner with 8 people we know for dining at Remiz Restaurant Saturday night. The reasoning had multiple motivations. The last two times we have been there, they had the best barbeque ribs outside of Texas. The full portion is 2 full slabs. During the summer, they have a lava stone grill outdoors. I needed to do a restaurant review for Frommer’s and finally I thought it would be fun to introduce this diverse group of individuals to each other. Getting to this place way out in the 2nd district is a pain which is why we have seldom visits.

We arrived at 6:30 pm and did not leave until 10:15. We had a great time talking and discussing a plethora of topics. It was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the company. This is more than I can say for the meal. My ribs were fine, Ron said his tasted like they were recooked from a previous time. Not all had ribs, but there were mixed reviews about the different dishes as well. This will all go into the review.

I thought we would be swallowed in the crowd of diners as this always was a very popular place. In addition to our table of 8, there was another table of 4. That was it. All other tables were set with place settings, but empty the entire time we were there. The host told Ron it was due to the long weekend; Tuesday is the feast of St. Stephen. A vocalist playing a guitar took turns between sitting on his performance platform and coming over to serenade us. He seemed to realize our deep discussions were not to be interrupted by his playing, though he had an excellent voice for John Denver songs.

Sunday, Ron and I hit the 3rd district so I could revisit three museums: Varga Imre Kiállitása, Victor Vasarely Museum, and the Kassák Múzeum. We leave Friday for Bologna and San Marino, so I am trying with great tenacity to get as much done as possible before school starts again.

Run, run, run!

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