Monday, August 26, 2013

Adriatic Resort Claims Tourist Hearts

Yesterday took its toll with all of the exercise going up and down hills. Up until yesterday, my pedometer read 14.9 miles that we covered since leaving Budapest. Not all of that was on easy walking sidewalks either. In San Marino, we reached nearly nine miles according to my pedometer. This alone was a terrific excuse to sleep in later and relax. If we needed a secondary excuse, it would be that the museums are closed on Mondays. There are so few here, it is not of importance anyway.

We just about covered Rimini other than running through the residential areas, though we did do some of that also in our wanderings. Basically, we did all that a respectable or even excellent tourist could do other than spend days on the beach soaking up the sun. Hence we took our local #2 bus around a loop through the city, getting off at the Augustus arch. After window shopping, it was curiosity that brought us into one store called COIN.  Truth be told, it was also the need to find a bathroom, besides curiosity. Just browsing I did find some great shorts on sale for €20, reduced by half price. The pair I bought was brown, but I was tempted to get another salmon colored pair, until Ron made a comment about some show host he watches, who gets razzed for wearing salmon colored pants. Like a fool, I didn’t even look to see if they had my size in that color. Being they were close-outs, the selection was limited.

Walking around the downtown area, we honestly didn’t do much of anything. As it turns out, the castle is only open for special occasions, and not for touring. Thinking about a picnic, we made our way to the covered market for a selection of cheeses and snacks to lunch on. After thinking about it, we did not have knives or any other silverware or plates, so this limited our selections. Finally, we bought some cheese that could be ripped apart and another that looked like flying saucers.

Going back to the hotel always raised the challenge of getting to the bus stop at the right time. With only one bus per hour and no buses after the 7:26 pm run, it made it difficult. Once there, we took our stash to the solarium on the top floor where there are tables, regular chairs, and lounge chairs if you want to sunbathe.

Afterward, Ron napped while I wrote. But later, after feeling rested, Ron wanted to go swimming to say he swam in the Adriatic. This required another warm body to protect his clothes and anything else he took with him. I am not certain this would be necessary. As you wander through the rows of beach chairs and lounges, people have their beach bags and other items sitting on their chairs or hanging from the umbrella hooks. They are truly trusting, whereas I have a bike lock with me at all times. There have been a plethora of beggars around the downtown asking for money; it surprised me that they have not made it to the beach area to steal

The beach has been pretty empty today with the weekenders all gone. With undue optimism, the beach crew goes through straightening hundreds of lounge chairs that may have been pulled from their neat line up and at the same time, they unfurl the corresponding umbrellas. This strikes me as tedious busywork. If the chairs and umbrellas need to be rented, which they presumably do, they should open them as needed. When they are all opened, it seems impossible to tell which one has actually been rented and which just have squatters. I looked for some sign to solve this mystery. There were no distinguishing factors between the chairs that were occupied and those that were not. This is a riddle to be solved at another time. 

After Ron cleaned up, we walked to the ferry boat for a ride to the other side. It is less than a two minute ride, for 80 cents, it is worth it for the novelty of it. Before it got too late and the lack of sun caused a temperature drop, we went on the Ferris wheel. I would have liked to know if it is permanent or just a summer event. It is identical to the one that was in Budapest until it was moved to the Sziget Festival. We never did ride that one. This one was not well attended. From watching on the sidelines before paying our €8 each, we counted maybe 9 people riding. There are 42 cabins plus one VIP cabin. This one was pink with gold crowns on either side. Who would get to ride in this one is anybody’s guess. Each cabin can hold 6 riders legally, so this is a considerable capacity to have only 9 riders. When it was our turn, there was only a family of 4 behind us. The height it reaches is 60 meters, giving a sufficient view of the surroundings, but the prettiest part was the sunset. Having glass panels over the doors, it was difficult to take pictures, but we managed.

It started to get chilly out, yet we were both still in shorts. This is the first night that the temperature has dropped enough to cause a chill. Not wanting to get into a rut with restaurants, we walked around on this side of the harbor until we decided to take a chance with Restaurante La Buca for dinner. There was one table open outside, but with the chill, we took refuge inside, which was pretty empty. We both ordered salads; Ron had scallops, I ordered gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese sauce and walnuts. Both of our choices were excellent and will make it into a TripAdvisor review!! As we were eating dinner, the place slowly filled until be the time we were ready to leave, it is full. It must be well known amongst the locals.

Having full stomachs, a walk was needed, so Ron suggested we go to see the horse fountain lit up at night. There were a number of people out; astonishingly there was an equal mix of senior citizens and young people.  From here we walked back to the ferry, which runs longer hours and on demand, unlike the bus system. From there it was a pleasant stroll to our seaside home.
Tomorrow we leave early for Ravenna.

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