Friday, August 16, 2013

Keeping Your Head Above the Piles

"Somehow I kept my head above water. I relied on the discipline, character, and strength that I had started to develop..." Esther Williams

I know how Esther felt, though her circumstances were a far cry from mine. I know how Esther felt, though her circumstances were a far cry from mine. My marathon museum and restaurant adventures have continued. It is curious to me and rather perplexing why some of the state funded museums state that they discount every student under 26 years and every senior aged 62-70 years, regardless of nationality. I specifically ask if this includes Americans, Canadian, etc. and the answer is yes. Others like the Ludwig only grant this to the member countries of the European Economic Community, which does not necessarily include all EU countries. It is so confusing with all of these lists, but in addition, why are some rules one way and others another when they are all government funded?

Yesterday, I went to the Museum of Applied Arts. Generally with my Press card, I get free admission without question. Here, I had to pay…100 Huf. It was barely worth the effort, but I complied. The thing about this museum is that the temporary exhibits are incredible, but the permanent ones are quite blasé.

I could have spent an hour more than I did with the Kecskemét Contemporary Art Workshops - Exhibition of the International Ceramics Studio offering. Creativity was personified in the variety of works on display created by artists representing 45 different countries.

There is an impressive exhibit there now called The Bigot Pavilion- Ceramic Art Nouveau building in Paris. According to the descriptions on the inside wall, this museum purchased the collection early in the 20th century and had it shipped to Budapest. When I asked the guards in the exhibit if it were permanent, she said it was there to stay. When I mentioned it to the surly ticket seller upon leaving, he grumpily stated the guard was wrong. It is temporary only. It is difficult getting factual information even when face to face. I don’t know how some of these travel writers who depend on the web ever manage.

We are leaving for our last summer fling on August 23rd and will be gone until the 29th. This is giving me a compelling desire to get as much work done before hand as possible. I still have 9 courses to prepare for for September.
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Anonymous said...

EEC is the original part of EU, so they are the same today. You most likely mean EEA which is EU countries, except Croatia, plus some additional countries forming internal market.

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