Saturday, April 14, 2012

Looking for Palma Ann Case! Have You Seen This Woman?

Have you ever lost someone? I don't mean while at the mall or at the concert hall. I mean really lose them like for over twenty years? Well, I have lost a cousin. She and I were extremely close for a number of years, but her first husband managed to drive a wedge between us that took decades to heal for me, but I have been trying to track her down for the last few years. 

I don't know if they still do this, but there used to be missing children's photos on milk cartons to broaden a search. If you have seen this child, please notify authorities.

Since I don't have access to American milk cartons and let's face it, my cousin is not a kid any longer, this is my plan B to find her. 

I do know she has a Marriage Family Therapist license in CA. I did find her name pop up with a search of the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences, since I am there also as an LCSW. She is listed as being with a practice in Southern California. Using this information, I sent her a copy of my latest book, but used my good friend Daphnee's return address, just in case. I didn't think anyone would ever see the book again if I put Hungary down. The book was returned "Addressee Unknown". 

After using all types of people finders on the Internet, I was not getting anywhere closer to a score. Then I had a brainstorm. Googling her name, I found photos on the web. Yet, as certain as I was that I recognized the face as well as my own, I was still leery as to whether I was right or not. You see, I could have been wrong about the blonde being Palma, in this photo.
The blonde is who I am looking for

But then I found my aunt's picture. I found Aunt Lena on a site called SlowTrav where it seems my cousin, Aunt Lena's daughter, has been blogging her trips for a number of years. That was proof positive that this was indeed the Palma I was hunting for. Aunt Lena was my maternal grandfather's youngest sibling. 
Aunt Lena

If those two photos did not seal the deal, there was no doubt in my mind after I read some of the blog. My cousin, in the years that we shared, was an extraordinary cook and entertainer. When I saw pictures of intricate dishes that claimed credit for, I knew without a doubt this was my Palma. She has a flair with food that most caterers would admire and party planners would envy. She is THAT good.
Palma Ann Case

However, in order to connect with someone who may know her, who will tell her she is being sought out, I will add a couple more photos just to be sure. This one to the right is her profile picture from SlowTrav. When I read the profile, there was no longer a bit of doubt.

You know the expression "some things never change"? This applies here too. These photos brought a touch of nostalgia with them. What memories the inspire, though it seems they are not just memories for Palma. From reading, this must be her second husband. I never met him. See those shopping bags. I can guarantee you none of them are there because of Brad's shopping impulses. Palma treats shopping like an extreme sport. This is her Christmas motto, but without the reindeer names, it really applies all year round. 

So, if you see this woman, know this woman, or belong to the SlowTrav website, please tell her her long lost cousin is writing a non-fiction book and she is a major player in it. You can send her this post by using the SHARE button. 

She can send me a note through the comment section of this blog or to
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