Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Decorating Is So Much Work, But I Want Overtime

Our tenant, Jeff is in the US for spring break. We are taking this time to get work done on the apartment. This is the week so far of my "vacation".
  • Sunday, we went to the apartment to pull out all of the hooks and molly bolts from the wall, plastering the holes left behind.
  • Monday morning, I had to be there for the painters. They arrived earlier than expected. They were due at 8:45, but were there by 8:20 when I arrived. The painted the bedroom walls, living room walls, and kitchen walls and ceiling. They cleaned up everything, including sweeping the floor afterward. They were finished by 6:10 pm eating their lunch as they worked. I waited with them the entire day. They were going to hang the vertical blinds we bought for the kitchen, but they didn't have the right drill for the job. They offered to return to finish the job. My day was productive. We have WiFi there so I brought my laptop to read and grade papers. 

  • Tuesday, Ron and I went shopping again. After looking at other stores, there was nothing really appealing for a desk, bedside table, or dresser. We found all three that worked perfectly while at Ikea, but the bedside table was out of stock. The only store that has it requires a car to get to. More stock comes in April 16th, so that means another trip. We bought those things and about a dozen other things. Now that there is some furniture, I am able to see what decorative touches are needed. I took all that could be carried over to the apartment to put them out. I didn't get home until 6:30. Ikea arranged to deliver the big things Wednesday morning and then their carpenter was arranged to do the assembly. 

  • Today, Ikea delivered the furniture and assembled it. As promised they arrived between 9am-1pm with the carpenter on their heels to do the construction. Ron said he would go apartment sit, which was fortunate; I read and graded papers all morning.  

  • This afternoon, I went over to the apartment to set some books on the bookcases to assist Ron is hanging a couple of wall hangings and some pictures we bought in Guatemala. The place is really shaping up. I am lov'in it.
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