Saturday, April 07, 2012

All in a Day's Grief

We have been working like plow horses trying to get as much done at the apartment before our tenant returns on Monday. It is unbelievable how much work there is to do with an apartment that was in great shape to begin with. 

Now that it is all painted, almost completely furnished, it was time to put in the add-ons. We ordered custom vertical blinds for the kitchen window. When the painters were there on Monday, they were going to install them for us, but there is metal where the brackets have to go; their drill was not strong enough. They are coming back Thursday. 

In the meanwhile, there are other things that need to be drilled, so I convinced Ron we need to butch up and buy a drill. I was feeling a cross between Bob the Builder and Tim the Tool Man Tailor. While Ron worked on other projects, I went to the hardware store with my list of translations for drill bit, steel, concrete, and power drill. I also brought a molly bolt so I could show the size bits needed. The only thing missing was a pair of construction boots, a tool belt, and a hard hat. This was so out of character, but I am a Capricorn; they are good actors. I knew I could pull it off.

When I returned with the drill, the damn thing still wouldn't touch the metal hidden by layers of paint. To add insult to injury, holding the bracket in place, the vertical blinds were too short. They looked like  a bad case of highwaters. This would never do. We thought about our options: Chuck the whole thing and start again. Try to bring it back to say they made a mistake (they did order the wrong size in both length and width), or return to curtains. Trying to convince the store they made the mistake would be Mission Impossible. No one spoke English so we went by pictures with lots of measurements. The young woman who took the order didn't seem to know how to fill out the forms, so needed assistance from an older colleague. Plus, you only have 3 days for returns and I am not even sure that counts with custom made things.

We moved on to the bedroom where we were going to hang the decorated shades before the custom-made curtains arrive.We are just not made for handling power tools, but after a "bit" Ron did an exemplary job. It only took 1 hour to put up one shade, so the other one goes up today.

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