Monday, April 30, 2012

Details Matter, Coach

I just received this in my e-mail. Of course, there was more to the add than this, but I saw the word COACH and jumped to conclusions. I thought that if I used my American Express card to purchase an airline ticket between the dates shown, they would refund 25% of the fare. I was all set to book my ticket for the December get away, so I went to the site to register my card number. 

I had the form all filled in, with a quick stroke thanks to LastPass form filler. I couldn't understand why the picture had a woman leaning on a handbag and not a suitcase. Why not a couple boarding a plane with shitty ass grins on their faces. Finally, a discount worthy of bothering with. Then I read the eligibility rules, which in my defense were not in the original e-mail. First, one must make a purchase from any Coach store or Coach online. 

Now it is sinking in. This is not for coach seating on an airline. This is for a woman's purse. Well there goes another golden moment when I thought I was in the zone, shot to hell.

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