Sunday, April 10, 2011

Informational Overload

While I am slaving over a hot computer recreating our website and tossing in a student's papers here and there, Ron is in the kitchen playing on his computer. Just because I have told the students, I really don't care what you thought of the movie, the essay is supposed to be a sociological analysis of the time that surrounds the plot. Their dribble is causing me to dribble onto to the keyboard as the glazed look spreads from my forehead down to my chin. 

Salvation came when my e-mail notifier showed I've Got Mail, but no I don't use AOL. Ron, who is forty feet away sent me a link to a video he is getting hooked on. Apparently, his "To Do" list has been corrupted, leading him to believe he has too much time on his hands. 

Well, the video he sent is below, but after I laughed, it did make me think. How much information do we take in, but yet never use it for meaningful communication? This of course with my love for flow of conscientiousness brought my thoughts to information overload. Years ago, I remember the 'experts' stating that the information generated in one day is more than we could read in a lifetime. That was before FaceBook and Twitter, even.

After a search, I found an interesting article in the The Chronicle of Higher Education called Information Overload, Then and Now dated November 28, 2010. It is linked here.

Here is the video responsible for all of this.

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