Thursday, April 07, 2011

An Example of American Inefficiency

In regard to the last post where I pointed out the inefficiency of Hungary, this time it is America's turn.
The State of California is in a horrendous economic situation. It seems as a cost cutting measure, they have decided to hire the under-educated and perhaps illiterate populace where they can offer lower wages, while putting a little shine on their unemployment stats.

Our of fear of retribution, I will not detail the situation, but to say that I  still hold a professional license int the State of California. My license is up for renewal in August, but in January I received a notice stating that the new law requires that I be fingerprinted before my renewal date. Included with this notice was a form:
Request for Exemption from Mandatory Electronic Fingerprint Submission Requirement

The accompanying letter states that if you have a reasonable request for not being fingerprinted, you can submit the form for an exclusion. I filled out the form with the following reason I thought I should be exempt from this requirement.
1. When I was hired to be a college instructor in CA, I had to be fingerprinted. That was in 1987.
2. When I applied for my Hungarian residency, I had to be fingerprinted and cleared by the FBI first. I did that in 2006.
3. The US Embassy will not do fingerprinting of US citizens, only foreigners. (How is that for logic?)
4. Finding a law enforcement agency here willing to fingerprint non-criminals is like finding a polar bear in the South Pole.
5. Certainly, my prints could not have changed since number 1 or 2 above. 

Yesterday, I received my request back with a standard form from probably someone who has yet learned to operate a computer independently, but has mastered the use of a yellow highlighter marker.

These were the reasons I was denied an exemption from being fingerprinted again.
No fingerprints were included with your request. Please refer to the attached instructions and have your fingerprints taken on the enclosed card. Duh, please look up exemption in your CA dictionary. I think the definition is the same as in English.

Second item:
The $32 fee for Visa/Immigration clearance was not included with your request. Yoohoo, did you miss the part that my license shows I am a citizen?

The third item was 'other' for those miscellaneous bits of stupidity not covered in any of the other pre-printed lines that just needed to be checked off. 
Other: Cannot process without fingerprints. Here is a print card.
What is really unnerving is that all other items on this rejection form are related to foreign adoptions. I have this grave fear that I comply and send in my fingerprints, they just may send me a baby in return.

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