Monday, April 18, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

One of my readers sent this note:
"You haven't blogged for days which makes me concerned. One of the (Hungarian) blogs that I had read for years has recently stopped being written...I'm sure that you'll continue writing it. It's just a matter of having topics to write about." 

Well that is partially true, but the other reason is obsessions. A few weeks back I embarked on learning Joomla! a program for creating websites. I have a new website is development for professional reasons, but wanted to do a major overhaul of our B and B website as well. Learning from a book and YouTube videos is not the most efficient way to create exactly what you want. While a tutorial book is having me create a website for a fictitious ice cream company, with 3 different flavors in 3 different types of cones and sandwiches, it is stealing my precious time from the final creation. 

After advertising for a Joomla! tutor locally, I did receive a number of offers. One such was from a retired British man who is living in the far reaches of Hungary in a small village I had never heard of before. With the power of the Internet, we have been able to collaborate successfully. 

Nigel not only has the Joomla! technology down to a science, but he has a great eye for design. As  hesitant as I am to admit it, web design is not my forte, though I do have an inherent sense for what design is appealing and which are total turn-offs. Nigel's suggestions have been top-notch. Using Skype, we have been able to create the site that I would have wanted, but would not have been able to accomplish without expert advice. I cannot wait to have the official "unveiling", but it won't happen until it is complete.

This, therefore, has been a primary reason for my absence. When I have free time to coordinate with Nigel's schedule, I am playing student. Nigel is quick and professorial in giving me plenty of homework. He has created two identical sites using different names on his own server, allowing us to work simultaneously as he leads me through the process.  

When I am not co-constructing, I have an obsession and feeling of obligation to create as much content as possible to ensure Nigel that I am serious about my commitment to this endeavor. This does take time away from blogging, but I will try not to be neglectful in the future for fear of readers' concerns expressed and unexpressed. Oh, right! There are the  teaching obligations too. Lest we forget, that is my primary responsibility.

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