Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deer Me

If you did not know there was a small, yet, lovely little petting zoo on Margaret Island, you won't miss it once it is gone. However, if you cherished those moments passing by the Bambi clones thinking "I really should go in there one of these days," the days are numbered. 

The deer have left the zoo and they will soon be followed by the rest of the twenty-five other species of animals that co-habitated in their little furry and feathery commune. Due to a lack of funding, the mini-zoo will be closed for good in the near future. Under the auspices of the Budapest Zoo, this little faction is not holding its own financially, when the official city funding for it was cut 4 years ago. If someone had packaged the zoo pooh like other major zoos do, they may have been able to survive a little longer. 

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