Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday, Seems So Far Away

Some type of cold bug had the audacity to hit on me this weekend. The horny little bugger kept me in bed most of the weekend too, and let me share with you it was exhausting. I thought those bedroom marathons were certainly part of my past, but I am here to tell you it happened. That is not to say that this marathon was anywhere near as pleasant as those of yesteryear, but you get to an age when you have to lower your standards. 

Regardless, when you are lucky enough to only teach two days a week, you have to go in regardless. And so it is.

With all of that time out, I really felt like a bad boy who had been sent to bed without dinner. You never realize how disorienting it is to take six naps a day. If it weren't for my new phone, I would not have known what the day was let alone the time. 

In reality, I do believe it was a reaction to smog. We have had two high smog alerts recently. When Ron and I went to Heroes Square on Sunday, you could see the layers of smog just hanging in the air like layers of a wedding cake that was never eaten.

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