Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Marvels of Technology

I have been using Google's Chrome browser since the secondary release was available. I waited for some of the kinks to be ironed out before plunging forward. For a long time afterward, I was still a dedicated FireFox user, but would switch over to Chrome at times to see how a website looked in different browsers.

It is unclear when I actually migrated over to Chrome exclusively, but I seem to think it was when FireFox was upgrading so rapidly most of my add-ins could not keep updated. They were therefore worthless to me.

Chrome had some add-ins, but not many. Honestly, I really did not pay much attention. Then just this last week, when I clicked to open a new window, I found a black page with these icons.

 For me, playing computer games is a time waster which I generally do not care to indulge in. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. I clicked on Pogo (Poppit). Click on the balloons in pairs or more... The last time I played a game such as this it was on my phone, but I only played when waiting at airports. Okay, I use Poppit to relax after hours of thinking.

Then I found that Chrome has come of age. There are numerous web developers creating freebies, so I went shopping and here is what I virtually carted as downloads. Google Books has free e-books waiting to be downloaded. There are others too, but hey there are so many free ones.

GRE Touch need a Gmail account log-in. It is a vocabulary development program. Not only did Ron and I find words we had never heard of, but there were plenty to use with teaching English or for students to develop entrance exam vocabulary.

Travelers will love Hipmunk, a flight searching tool with enough graphics to really narrow down a ticket purchase. Once you have the results, you can sort by different options. Though I am not sure it includes budget airlines, but it is a valuable tool.
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Fiabee is a nifty little program that allows me to drag and drop files so they can be accessed anywhere. Truth be told, I use Google Docs extensively, but something life Fiabee is convenient for things you need quick access to. There is no sign in procedure and it can be installed on my Android phone. If I know I will need something on the go, I have super reach out and grab it control.

SlideRocket is a PowerPoint for Dummies program. It is rich with resources, yet is not complicated to run. 

With I am told that I can turn any type of file into web content and share it instantly. And last of all is Picnik photo editor online. Fix that red-eye and add wet red lips to your parrots mouth. There are enough real photo editing options here to make it worth a look, but there are also bunches of fun things you can add for fun photos. 

If you have the time to go window shopping or rather Chrome shopping, there are hundreds more options to enhance some aspect of your life. The good news is that each highlighted program above will work in FireFox as well. They are not Chrome dependent. 
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