Friday, February 18, 2011

Starry Left a Comment

I am not sure what she means by the interpretation differences. There were a number of links to the same new item at the bottom of the post. All roads lead to Rome, but they all take different routes to get there. 

On a personal note, Starry is one of my former students. She is not only radiant inside and out, but she is brilliant. Having students like her are the extra perks of teaching.

Starry has left a new comment on your post "Run for the Borders, Oh, Wait Borders Are Closing":  It seems I interpreted the news slightly differently: See this link

I think you will enjoy reading my thesis ; ) 

I don't know if you've read BOOK PUBLISHING: Past, Present, and Future by Jason Epstein, but in that book he exposed in 2001 already that the bookstore chain system was unsustainable. It's a fascinating argument, starting at the culpability of mall culture. I highly recommend it.

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