Thursday, February 03, 2011

Just in the Nick of Time

Alec could not have recommended TeamViewer in a more timely manner. Just the day after he left, Outlook 2010 would not open explaining I was deficient in having the needed .pst folder. Normally, I like fixing these things myself, at least making a near nervous breakdown attempt at it, before yelling "Uncle". I Googled, followed this and that piece of advice. I looked, searched, hunted, and set traps for the missing file to no avail. I tried running the repair utility, tried to reinstall the program and then finally uninstalled it and installed it anew. Still no .pst file. I was coming close to believing the letters stood for post stress trauma and not postal storage table.

When I finally threw in the towel, I shot off an e-mail to Alec at ExPatTech. We arranged a virtual meeting through TeamViewer. Within fifteen minutes he had the program up and running again.

With that out of the way, it was now time to download and install the new version of Syncables. Mikhaill good to his word had sent the new software link. After downloading it on both computers, I started the install. Wonderful, a new message. "You have exceeded the number of computers you are licensed for with this software." Okay, I think it is time for a credit card refund now. I let out a primal and virtual scream to cover all bases.

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