Sunday, November 07, 2010

Visual Delights

After getting all of the "Have to Do" things off of our list that we could not procrastinate on, Ron decided he wanted to go to the WAMP Designer Fair. Each month, there is a fair, but closer to Christmas, it increases to two times for December.
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After a weekend of grading papers, I had forgotten what fresher outdoor air felt like; the lungs needing adapting. How very good to be out and about. Strangely, the square of the fair was quiet as a church mouse, not a creature was stirring. Oh, how I exaggerate, there were, but not for the fair. Wrong weekend. 

What we did spot was a designer fair of another sort. In the old bus terminal there is a temporary display of the work of graphic artists. Free admission lured us in, but the phenomenal work kept us there.

In this age of technology, one could argue that with a computer you can create outstanding pieces of art and graphic design. However, the computer and software is only as good as the one giving the directions. There was nary a piece that did not capture my attention, appreciation, and admiration for the artist. 

These events stimulate my bi-polar tendencies. While inspiring me to be creative, they are reminding me that I lack creativity. Perhaps I don't lack creativity in all areas of life, but certainly in these. 

As a temporary exhibit, it will only last until November 28th and they are open from 10am to 6pm. If you have a chance, do yourself a favor let these creations envelope you. You will breathe deeper after these breathes of fresh air.
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