Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brain Orgasms

What do you get if you cross a juggler, acrobat, trapeze artist, gymnast, and contortionist? What you get is a performance by an Australian group in a show named Circa the Minimalist Circus at the Trafo Theater. Imagine trying to concentrate when your head is threatening like it is going to pop off of your shoulders from pure unadulterated pleasure.  

Last night the performance of Circa was so incredible, my brain kept having orgasms. There are times when the capacity to indulge in pleasure borders on pain, but this show was only pleasure overload to the tenth power. Joyous, exuberant pleasure overload. Rarely do I have this much excitement with my clothes on doing something legal. My body was getting involved with shakes, rattles, and rocking to and fro. But even when I was fifteen, could I even consider trying any of their moves.

This five minute video is not even a good teaser for the way this show pushes the performance envelope. The real show is 80 minutes. The twists, turns, jumps, somersaults, and other witty movements that they managed, boggled the belief system of the majority of the audience who would have denied the human body was even capable of doing such things. When performers get as many stage calls as last night, you know they have soared beyond excellence. If it had been 10 minutes longer, my brain would have exploded, but what a way to go.
CIRCA (5 minute version) from Circa on Vimeo.
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