Friday, October 01, 2010

Free Dinner and Then Sticker Shock

We were invited for a dinner at the Vörös Postakocsi Restaurant because they were so pleased with the review I wrote about them in my Frommer's book. We went last night for a lovely dinner; I had the ribs, which I definitely don't see too often on menus here. With all of that pork, I was wallowing in our good fortune. If only it had lasted a bit longer. 

Today, I checked my online bills. That trip to the dentist was on my card. After misreading the consultation price list, I was way short on cash. That little voice told me it was too much of bargain, but I smacked it back in place. I tried using our euro ATM/Mastercard to pay the balance, but the bank has a limit of 700 euros  a week. This was way over that limit. Handing over my charge card, I at least felt smart about using the one that does not have a currency conversion fee or foreign usage penalty. With a credit limit of $34,000 on that card, I knew I was good to go. 

When I looked at the statement today, first I gagged, then I hyperventilated, and then there was nothing more to do than resign myself to the expense. It converted to $3,769.18. 
We just bought our airline tickets to New Zealand for our December vacation. They were $4001.00 for both of us. So, if I had left my teeth alone, we could have gone to New Zealand
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