Thursday, September 23, 2010

There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

There may not be any free lunches these days, but there are a few free dinners. 

Frommer's always sends out these stickers long after I have researched a book, making it a difficult to backtrack to all of the places that will be in the book and deserving of a sticker. I think it is helpful for those who read the book to have the reassurance of seeing the sticker in the window, especially of restaurants.

I photocopied the cover of the book along with the inside page with my name. Then I photocopied each of the reviews from the highest 3 stars to the no stars. I sent each restaurant a copy of their review, the sticker for their window (only the 3 and 2 star places), and a letter stating that two of us dined there for the review. As such, I was pleased to offer them this sticker to further their advertising

Two restaurants e-mailed me to invite us for dinner on the house. Not only that, but a Frommer's reader wanted to meet us for dinner. Normally, I don't accept these types of invitations. Eating out is a luxury for us, so spending that money causes me to think twice. After a number of e-mails, I felt we would like this couple. Good instincts. We had an early dinner before they went to the opera. They were a wonderful couple. We could have spent days with them. Mike and Rich picked up the tab besides, totally unexpectedly, but a doubly pleasant surprise. 
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