Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Something Else to Worry About

It is a pain when you have to repeat yourself a thousand times a year for various people. Now when someone asks me "Why don't you return to the US, I will just point them in the direction of this post. All they need to do is click on the title above to read the article.

Those innocents who think that because I have a doctorate, it makes a difference, it doesn't. Most employed professors in the US will tell you that their university is eliminating all full-time staff that does not have tenure only to rehire them as adjuncts. No benefits: no health insurance, no vacation time, no sick time, no nothing. They cancel a class, you don't get paid because you are not working. Someone sent me a YouTube video of students having to suffer a lottery system to get into classes due to increasing demand, but lack of instructors. You would think that $50,000 a year would guarantee you the availability of the courses you needed to graduate. Guess again.

You think my fear is exaggerated? Read the articles below. When someone offers me a long term binding contract that includes a decent salary with benefits, then I will rethink this. In the meantime, I still love my students here.

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