Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Creative

Last week or so I posted a flier for a creativity group I had created. Last night was the first meeting. With limited resources and manpower, ie. my wallet and my manpower, the advertising was limited. I did manage to get it out to the Xpat Community via XPat Loop, but other than that it was hundreds of e-mails and signs around the university

It was debatable which outcome would make me more content: a cast of thousands or no one at all. I spent hours working on a presentation, actually, my first ever in PowerPoint. Hard to believe with my decades of teaching, but I never found a need before, so there was that learning curve added on. 

We went to the university way too early, but I had to get my projector, laptop, and speakers from my office. When we arrived at the room, there was a class going on, so there was no chance of an early set-up. Grand total, including Ron, there were 7 people. It was just enough to satisfy me without making me break out into a panic attack. I think the presentation went well; I had a hands-on activity at the end to get them engaged. The creative juices were flowing for sure. I have hopes it will turn into something great. The next session is in October. In the meanwhile, I have been active.

Budapest Creativity Group
We have an e-mail address:
We have a website: Still a work in progress
A Facebook Page: Budapest Creative Group (Be a friend)
Twitter: BudapestCreate (Follow us, we may lead you to new and exciting places
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