Thursday, October 14, 2010

It Is All About i

Personally, me is getting sick of the i, i, i. iPad, iPod, iPhone and all of the other egocentric products out there. Okay, sour grapes, Apple hit over $300. a share today. To be exact, $300.13 a share. I have such a horrendous track record with stock purchases, if I had bought it, they would have been bankrupt by now. It started with some stocks my grandmother had given me. That company went under. I had purchased stocks in a Philadelphia bank in the 80s and that went under. Every other 'sure bet' I tried investing in since has been a nightmare. Be nice to me or I WILL buy stocks in your company.

With all of the i going around, Vodafone announced that they are bringing the iPhone 4G to Hungary by the end of the year. We have been Vodafone users since our arrival in Hungary. I like the service, but after my first phone, a Nokia died after 6 years of service, I have only bought unlocked phones. This has given me the opportunity to buy a Vodafone SIM card in both South Africa and Australia allowing me to make local calls without incurring roaming charges. This was especially handy for calling a taxis in Cape Town where living through the day is an extreme sport. 

So with all of the hubbub, the iPhone could have been a strong contender on my "Things I Deserve to Have" list, but then I read some reports on the glass front of the phone. 

"iPhone 4 is so fragile and the surface area can scratch or break says SquareTrade. It's so fragile that the chances of the Apple iPhone 4 breaking has doubled....Owners of Apple's newest smartphone are 82 percent more likely to have their device damaged, according to a report by SquareTrade." SquareTrade is one of the companies that sells warranties for electronics products. Well this news is going to take the i off of my list. Me is waiting for the HTC Android phone instead.
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