Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

If you keep up on celebratory news, you will surely know that Angelina Jolie is in Budapest for an undisclosed amount of time, but not as a tourist. She is here for her directorial debut filming a movie about the war in Bosnia. There were some snafus in getting permits for Bosnia, per the last rumor spreading through the media like an new version of Asian flu
Last week, I had heard through the local press that the Hollywood couple, Angelina and Brad were roaming the streets of the 7th district, OUR district. She may have been sourcing locations for filming or just out touring the Jewish history for which this district is famous. So last Sunday, when I was coming back from an errand, I happened to notice these unusual buses and had to investigate. They were film studio food catering buses, so my heart beat a bit faster. 
The sidewalk was crowded with people, but they all had headsets on, so it was seemingly apparent they were closely associated with the buses and not the general public. I walked through the masses without anyone stopping me or yelling for me to get out of the way of the crew, so my excitement was rising. Maybe they thought I was part of the production meant to be there. 

Just to get a better view, I walked across the street to look and take pictures. Obviously, pulling out a phone to snap pictures is a clue that you are not part of the membership and should be hoisted out. 
When I did get across the street, my heart racing, thinking Angelina was seconds away from my view, I saw that they turned the restaurant we liked into a casino. It is a Hungarian movie. 
Brad, I tried, I really, really tried to get good look at part of your family. Since those six kids of yours are in the French school, I may have to hang around school yards like a pervert to get a glimpse.
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