Thursday, August 13, 2009

Want Cleaning With That?

We have an area run in our living room. It is 2 meters by 3 meters. For the longest time I have wanted it to be dry cleaned, but our favorite Shirt Express would not do anything that large. The owner told us to "just try" another cleaner. Easy for him to say, being Hungarian. Other dry cleaners do not speak English, so that involves getting a translator and then transporting the carpet. Our darling Balazs and his roommate Tommy took pity on us a year ago and made it their mission to get our carpet to the cleaners for us. That was a year ago. Being Italian, but much out of practice, I took me a year to guilt Balazs into getting the thing to the cleaners. He called a cleaner for their opening times, came over and picked up the carpet, refusing taxi fare to get it there. He carried the carpet on his shoulders and off he went. When he got there, the place had closed five minutes before his arrival. Rather than return it to us, he continued walking around until he found a cleaner that was still open and dropped it off. Approximate cost for cleaning, 5,000 Huf. Quite a deal. When he went back a week later, they told him it was going to be 9,000 Huf. He asked why? They responded with "We did not know it would have to be cleaned on both sides." Not only is it brighter, but it is 3 inches longer than went it left. Welcome to Hungary.

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