Sunday, August 16, 2009

Villy Wrote

"...and really the only reason for going" Villy wrote: "Shows how much you know. Maybe you should catch up on your reading man, because the town has a bunch of museums and tons of monuments other than the cathedral." As the saying goes, one person's junk is another person's treasure. Villy must have missed the part that we WERE in there, not just reading about it. We did find some museums other than the cathedral, but really were not all that overwhelmed with interest. If you find them fascinating, I am happy that they fill your needs.

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Villy said...

I'm sorry, but there is a huge difference between what you just wrote and the previous post.

In the other one you didn't say you only found the one cathedral to be intersting. In the first or second sentece you declared as a fact, that the basilica is the only reason to go to Esztergom. (Thus meaning nothing else is WORTH seeing)

There is no point in arguing about taste, but saying that the town has nothing more to offer because you didn't find (or look for) anything else is wrong. There are a bunch of reasons, you just didn't visit any of them. Esztergom has the richest museums, libraries, historical archives, treasury in the entire country after the capital.

If I took a walk trough London with my eyes (and mind) closed, could I say that there is nothing to see there or would it be my fault not looking it up, or not even having an interest?

Villy said...

Ok, ok!

So you weren't impressed by the tallest building in Hungary, one of the biggest churches in Europe, the thickest walls of Central Europe, coronation jewels, treasury with the most decorative chalice in the world, relics and remains of numerous saints and kings of Hungary on display, one of the biggest codexes in the world (110 kg), the only surviving renesance building of Hungary, the third biggest Christian art museum of the world, including the biggest collection of medieval Italian paintings outside of Italy itself, the interactice Danube Museum named European Museum of the year a couple of years back, had no interest in the Mindszenty Museum, the former house of 20th century poet Mihály Babits, that has all the autographs of almost every influential poet, writer or journalist in the country, had no interest in a 1000 year old castle, with 500 year old frescos, the only surviving Ottoman mosque this far along the Danube, the only major cave open to the public in Komárom-Esztergom county, brand new spa, the biggest ecclestial library and archive in the country. It's not well known, but the town even has an underwater museum in the Suburbs in a lake. You mentioned that you didn't attend the vine-show, you probably didn't stay until night to see the guitar festival (Al di Meola was playing on Sunday). So either you didn't know about the above or you were not interesed in any of them. Just let me ask you this: What does a town with a 30k population have to offer where you come from?

Look, I don't mean to be rude, I'm just pissed off, cause this is my town you're talking about, and it's not true that this is a one-horse town, and whenever I go somewhere new I look up a few places to see there, OR I go there not knowing sh*t, but I'm definately not saying that the town had nothing to offer besides the one thing I actually visited.

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