Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kim Files 4

On Saturday, we took the train to Vac, a 30-minute train ride from Budapest where one of my students offered to play tour guide. As soon as we arrived in Vac, the skies opened and it poured rain. Not one of us brought an umbrella, so the first stop was umbrella shopping three stores away from the train station. Linda, my student, was returning from Lake Balaton and was running late. We wandered around the town on our own until she arrived, peaking into churches, stopping for a pastry, and then to Momento Morti. While excavating the Dominican Church, they found 60 crypts with mummified corpses. Each crypt was beautifully painted. Some of them and the corpses were on display. Very interesting. Linda found us there and took us to a cafe where the walls are covered with the work of a famous Hungarian childrens writer and illustrator. The work is amazing and not only themes for children. Another place to return to. Linda was funny; she had notes she referred to as she was touring us. She insisted we stop at another pastry shop as the owner won many awards. After twisting our arms for 10 seconds, we cried UNCLE and gave it, had another coffee and shared a pastry. He deserves all of the awards he has won. Not only were the pastries artistically placed in the cases, they tasted like winners with each bite. We tried stopping at a favorite restaurant Ron and I had discovered before, but they had to close for a funeral, so we went to another. It was okay, just. Just as we arrived at the train station, there was a train to take us back to Budapest. We immediately made our way to the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art where the Robert Capa exhibit was showing. They had over 400 of his photographs on display. It was shocking, but I was able to enter free with my teacher's ID card. Imagine that! The exhibit was incredible and we spent hours browsing through, though much less time on the permanent exhibits. We succumbed to getting falafel platters and eating it while watching the movie The Accidental Husband, which was a retched movie. Uma how could you?

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