Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Jibs and Jabs

I returned to the doctor again today. During that thirty minutes I waited for the doctor, when I was really trying to concentrate on my Joanne Harris book, The Evil Seed, I could not help but observe the staff. After spending twenty years in a medical setting, I am still intrigued by how things are done in different places. As I am sitting there, a man arrives with a metal cart with large covered metal bowls of various sizes. It was unclear whether this was the staff's breakfast, the patient's lunch or organ transplant delivery. Here one never knows. So, he pushes his cart to the side of the nurses' station, where two women, presumably nurses push up a cart of their own. Cart races down the hall? Exchange carts? Not that either. The three of them took everything off of the one cart and put it on the second cart, allowing the man to take his own cart back to where he came from. Now I was sitting right next to them. The carts were identical. Unless you had a the Hubble telescope, no one could tell them apart. Cart envy? Who knows? After waiting thirty minutes, the doctor comes up to me like he is going to share a big secret. He asked me to come back on Thursday, baecause he had to return to the operating theater. Hey as long as it is not me in the operating theater, I am fine with that. Then I got to thinking, will it be me in there soon? Will there be a bunch of interns and residents staring at me from a bird's eye view? That thought made me a bit nervous until I realized I will never see any of them again...hopefully. Though this seeing the doctor every two weeks has become a habit. We may have to continue this long after the surgery.

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