Friday, March 20, 2009

On the Restaurant Front

I just read an article that is predicting 30% of Hungary's restaurants are in danger of closing. The reason is of course the economic crisis. Read the news! Hotel occupancy was down 50% in 2008 over 2007 AND in 2007 it was down 12% over 2006. Anyone thinking of opening a restaurant should have thought it over a dozen times and then pull a Nancy Reagan "Just Say No!" Over our 7+ years, we have been horrified and then entertained by the stores and restaurants that spend months remodeling, open their doors for three months and then closed down. The next renter rips out all of the lovely work left behind, starts over from scratch, only to end up like a phoenix without a reincarnation complex. With any luck, the 30% of closures will be the places where the staff could care less if you are there to eat or play shuffleboard. They act like you are disturbing their private time. But it seems luck is not what this is all about. Time will tell.

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